Z Pro Head includes Raptor Z Quick Release (Female Unit).


Z Pro Head is compatible with Raptor Z arm. Supports 8 – 20kgs payload, this head is designed for DJI Ronin 2, Freefly Movi Pro shooting in underslung mode on road or water.

Z Pro Head supports

  • Raptor Dampener for each axis, increase the efficiency of gimbal heads by reducing rotational stress
  • 15kgs Vibration to Smoothening out pan errors between the mount & head and delivers perfect results.
  • Universal Plate under vibration for Ronin 2/Movi Pro mounting easily.
  • Travel Case (Optional Accessories)


$1,799.00 – $1,999.00

Z Pro Head

  • Specification

    • Material: Aluminium and wiring module
    • Weight: 4.5kgs